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On Inauguration Day @POTUS promised to take power away from the DC elite and give it back to the people. A few minutes later WaPo declared, "the campaign to impeach President Trump has begun.” I agree with Senator Kennedy about this #ShamImpeachment

Does it strike anyone else as odd that the Democrats have spent the entire day admitting that they impeached the President, & threw the country into turmoil, despite not knowing nearly anything about the case?

Despite repeatedly reminding us that Impeachment is a serious and somber action, Speaker Pelosi and House Dems held a festive signing ceremony, with golden pens delivered on silver platters. These images tell us everything we need to know about this #ShamImpeachment

If the Bidens did nothing wrong, why are Democrats so worried about a Ukrainian gas company being hacked? Seems like @realdonaldtrump was asking the right questions. #WheresHunter

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General Election is Tuesday November 6th

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Meet Barry

Barry Loudermilk is Georgia’s battle-tested, conservative outsider. Freedom Works named Barry the “Best of the Next Generation of Freedom Fighters,” and Citizens against Government Waste named him a “Taxpayer Super Hero” for his relentless fight to cut wasteful spending.  Faith, family and freedom, have been his core principles as he has fought to cut taxes for hardworking taxpayers, reduce the size and scope of government and to secure liberty so our children can have a nation that is free, safe and full of opportunity


  • Fought for and helped pass the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act
  • Focused on job creation in Georgia
  • Introduced the MERIT Act to restore common sense to Federal Civil Service
  • Introduced the BUILD Act to help charities and non-profits assist struggling Georgians
  • Introduced and is working to pass his proposed Balanced Budget Amendment to control spending
  • Stood firm for the 2nd Amendment. Endorsed by the NRA with an A rating
  • Worked to protect Life. Voted to block ALL federal funding for abortions
  • Fought to secure our borders. Co-sponsor of Securing America’s Future ActH.R. 4760