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Merry Christmas and happy birthday to our @NationalGuard. To all those currently stationed around the globe, thank you for your service.

Cheering you on from DC today! Go Canes! #CartersvilleHigh #purplehurricanes @CHSHurricaneFB @CartersvilleCity @cvilleschoolsys @CoachJoeyKing

Gas prices are hitting new lows for the year in Georgia, and America is a major player in the world energy market. That’s more money in your pocket and a more secure nation thanks to our conservative solutions.

My family joins with the Bush family and the nation in honoring the life and service of George H. W. Bush. A naval aviator in WWII, a Congressman, Amb, CIA Dir, VP, and President of the United States. His was a life of service to our nation. Our prayers are with the Bush family.

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General Election is Tuesday November 6th

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Meet Barry

Barry Loudermilk is Georgia’s battle-tested, conservative outsider. Freedom Works named Barry the “Best of the Next Generation of Freedom Fighters,” and Citizens against Government Waste named him a “Taxpayer Super Hero” for his relentless fight to cut wasteful spending.  Faith, family and freedom, have been his core principles as he has fought to cut taxes for hardworking taxpayers, reduce the size and scope of government and to secure liberty so our children can have a nation that is free, safe and full of opportunity


  • Fought for and helped pass the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act
  • Focused on job creation in Georgia
  • Introduced the MERIT Act to restore common sense to Federal Civil Service
  • Introduced the BUILD Act to help charities and non-profits assist struggling Georgians
  • Introduced and is working to pass his proposed Balanced Budget Amendment to control spending
  • Stood firm for the 2nd Amendment. Endorsed by the NRA with an A rating
  • Worked to protect Life. Voted to block ALL federal funding for abortions
  • Fought to secure our borders. Co-sponsor of Securing America’s Future ActH.R. 4760