Cassville, GA – In the coming days and weeks, the congressional campaign of State Senator Barry Loudermilk will be rolling out a series of endorsements. Recently, the campaign highlighted support from Braves great Bobby Cox, State Senator Josh McKoon (R-Columbus), and former sole Bartow County Commissioner Clarence Brown. Today we want to highlight grassroots leaders from across the district, whose hard work and talent will bring Barry’s message to citizens, community by community.

New endorsements will be featured on Barry’s website:

“It is a tremendous help to have the public support of elected officials like Josh McKoon and Clarence Brown, as well as accomplished and celebrated georgians like the great Bobby Cox, but the support of local and community leaders is equally as important in a grassroots campaign like ours,” Barry said. “I am proud to have the support of people who work tirelessly on the ground in their communities to restore the greatness of our nation, and consider them a secret weapon in our effort.”

Today’s endorsers are:

Jack Smith – North Georgia Tea Party Alliance, Founder

“Over the last few years I have come to know Barry as a Christian, Constitutionalist, husband and father. Barry fully understands what kind of representation and leadership is needed in DC. In my opinion, Barry Loudermilk will make the 11th District proud.”

Chuck Payne – Whitfield Republican Party Chairman & Former 14th District Vice Chairman

“Having witnessed Senator Barry Loudermilk’s conviction of principle, both in his public and personal life, and in my having complete confidence that his personal and Godly Convictions do intercede into his convictions of Constitutional Principle and into the affairs of the public good, I confidently and proudly offer my support in his campaign of service to represent the 11th District of Georgia in the United States Congress. All Georgians would be proud to have a man of such sound stature and character serving our interests in Washington, D.C.”

Joel Aaron Foster – Free Market Activist & Radio Personality

“Senator Loudermilk is a time-tested supporter of limited government and free market principles. He shares my passion for civic literacy and consistently champions liberty and our founding principles, whether he’s talking on the Georgia Senate floor, in a constituent meeting or hosting a seminar in the local community. Senator Loudermilk is the kind of principles-first conservative that will serve Georgia well on Capitol Hill.”

Gail Engelhardt – Director, Bartow Tea Party

“It is my honor and pleasure to endorse Barry Loudermilk for the 11th Congressional District, as our next Congressman. Barry is a man of integrity and honor with love for his Family, our Country, and the Law of the Land, our U.S. Constitution. With these qualities, he will make an outstanding Congressman with principles and values that will serve his constituents well.”

Mike Morton – Chairman, Rome TEA Party

“State Senator Barry Loudermilk, a friend, has consistently demonstrated a staunch constitutional, conservative commitment founded on the values of faith, family, and freedom. His commitment to the Constitution and to freedom excels. I heartily support and endorse State Senator Barry Loudermilk for Congress, 11th District of Georgia.”

Conrad Quagliaroli – Cherokee Tea Party Patriots

“I have spent most of my time for the last several years fighting for America’s future. I have seen many politicians come and go, and many more who need to go! Barry Loudermilk is one of the good ones. He is a true statesman who understands the problems facing this country and has the backbone to get it done! I am proud to endorse Barry Loudermilk for Congress, because I know he will not be swayed off course once he gets to Washington!”

Mary Adamski – Conservative Grassroots Activist

“We must elect leaders who share the principles and values that made America the greatest nation on earth. We must elect a statesman with integrity and a strong moral character. We must elect Barry Loudermilk because he is exactly the type of representative that shares the vision of our founders. I am proud to support and endorse Barry Loudermilk for Congress. Elect a Statesman. Elect a Leader. Elect Barry Loudermilk.”

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