“These are some of the candidates we think are going to define the class of 2014”

Cassville, GA – Conservative powerhouse PAC FreedomWorks held a press conference in Washington, D.C. to debut their 2014 class of endorsed candidates.

“What is a Republican and what are the issues that matter in this cycle; is the conversation we’re having here in Washington, D.C.” said Matt Kibbe. “These are some of the candidates we think are going to define the class of 2014.”

“We’ve been given the opportunity to restore America. I believe future generations will look at the folks that are here and the people already making a stand in Washington, D.C. as the re-Founders of America” stated Loudermilk. “Washington has created an environment that is not a government of the people, but a government over the people!”

Loudermilk continued, “I’ve served in the State House and Senate in Georgia, but my predominant roll in the community is a business owner, a small business owner. We have created an environment where class warfare has carried over into the business community. You have two classes of business, those too big to fail and those too small to succeed. We have to change the policies in Washington. We have to get America back on course.”

FreedomWorks President Matt Kibbe, led a press conference last Monday with six House and Senate candidates from around the country who have been endorsed by his well known conservative PAC. Georgia was represented in this group by 11th Congressional District candidate Barry Loudermillk. Loudermilk has secured the Freedomworks endorsement, along with the support of several other major conservative organizations including Family Research Council, The Madison Project and Concerned Women for America. Loudermilk has also been endorsed by notables such as David Barton, Erick Erickson and former Braves Manager Bobby Cox.

The other four candidates in attendance at the event were Mat Bevin (KY), Igor Birman (CA-07), Chris McDaniel (MS), and Katrina Pierson (TX-32.)


FreedomWorks and Barry