Meet Barry

Barry Loudermilk Family

Barry Loudermilk is Georgia’s battle-tested, conservative outsider. Freedom Works named Barry the “Best of the Next Generation of Freedom Fighters,” and Citizens against Government Waste named him a “Taxpayer Super Hero” for his relentless fight to cut wasteful spending.  Faith, family and freedom, have been his core principles as he has fought to cut taxes for hardworking taxpayers, reduce the size and scope of government and to secure liberty so our children can have a nation that is free, safe and full of opportunity


  • Fought for and helped pass the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act
  • Focused on job creation in Georgia
  • Introduced the MERIT Act to restore common sense to Federal Civil Service
  • Introduced the BUILD Act to help charities and non-profits assist struggling Georgians
  • Introduced and is working to pass his proposed Balanced Budget Amendment to control spending
  • Stood firm for the 2nd Amendment. Endorsed by the NRA with an A rating
  • Worked to protect Life. Voted to block ALL federal funding for abortions
  • Fought to secure our borders. Co-sponsor of Securing America’s Future ActH.R. 4760


airforcevetBarry Loudermilk served in the United States Air Force from 1984 until 1992. During his military service, Barry served in the Air Force Communications Command as a Communications Operations Specialist for command and control and intelligence. Barry served at duty stations in Texas, Hawaii, and Alaska, and received numerous awards and decorations for his exemplary service. Barry also received several awards and citations for his service during the 1986 Philippine Crisis, the 1986 Air Raid on Libya, Operation Just Cause in Panama, Operation Desert Shield and Operation Desert Storm.

In Congress, Barry is continuing to protect our nation. As a member of the special task force for Combating Terrorism and Foreign Fighter Travel, Barry has helped uncover vulnerabilities in our homeland security. As a member of this special task force, he has traveled to the heart of terror activity to meet with foreign officials and counterterrorism experts in other nations.



businessleaderBarry doesn’t just talk about the challenges of small business ownership, he faced them daily as the owner of two small businesses in Northwest Georgia. Barry is the founder and president of Innovative Network Systems, Inc. a small data networking and information systems technology company based in Marietta. He was also founder and co-owner of Freedom Flight Center, an aviation flight training business located in Rome Georgia. Additionally, Barry writes and speaks on the founding principles, people, and structure of America, through the non-profit, Firm Reliance.

familymanBarry Loudermilk is a dedicated husband and father. He has been married to his wife Desiree for over 33 years. Barry and Desiree first met in 1981 while both were serving in a church bus ministry in Anchorage, Alaska. Barry and Desiree have three grown children – Travis, Christiana and Michael, and a daughter-in-law, Sarah and two beautiful granddaughters. The Loudermilk family serve in the Civil Air Patrol, where they provide search-and-rescue, disaster relief and other emergency services throughout the state of Georgia. Family members also actively volunteer with the Family Resource Center in Cartersville. The family’s interests and hobbies include aviation, rock climbing, skydiving, hiking, hunting, fishing and most any outdoor activity, as well as studying and teaching America’s rich heritage.

legislativeleaderBarry has been a persistent advocate of conservative policy at the local, state and national levels. Within weeks of taking office, Barry was appointed to a special task force to combat terrorism and foreign fighter travel. Through his tireless work, the task force uncovered numerous areas of vulnerability in our fight against radical Islamic terrorism. Immediately they began to address these areas which included closing holes in the State Department’s Visa Waiver Program, which could be exploited by foreign fighters trying to enter the U.S. Within months, Congress and the President acted on this and other recommendations and these reforms are now law.
Barry has also become one of the most effective new legislators in Congress. Within 13 months he has authored and passed through the House three bills, which is more than some who have been in Congress for many years. These bills cut waste and abuse of taxpayer dollars, enhance our fight against terrorism and protect our national landmarks and battlefields.
While serving in the Georgia General Assembly, Barry was known as a consistent Constitutional conservative, boldly leading on issues of personal privacy, limited government and lower taxes. As a freshman legislator, Barry authored several legislative initiatives. In 2008, Barry was named as one of the 50 most influential Georgian’s by James Magazine. Barry has also received numerous other legislative recognitions and awards, including the Advocates for Children’s Public Servant of the Year for 2007, National Legislator of the Year by the Civil Air Patrol in 2006, Sanctity of Life Award (BRWC – 2010), Legislator of the Year by the Technology Association of GA (2011), and the Defender of Liberty Award by the American Conservative Union (2012), among others.



communityservantBarry doesn’t just talk about the importance of community service, he actively serves. As an active officer in the Civil Air Patrol, the official auxiliary of the US Air Force, Barry is a highly trained emergency services officer. He serves as a volunteer search-and-rescue pilot as well as a ground-search and rescue team leader. Barry and his family have worked with others in CAP to provide emergency services throughout North Georgia. Following the devastating tornados that struck Floyd and Bartow counties in 2008, 2011, and 2013, Barry led search and rescue teams into the disaster areas to provide relief supplies to residents affected by the storms. as well as other support efforts. Barry is also a member of the American Legion, Post 42.