“His dedication to building a better America warrants my support.”

Cassville, GA – Conservative Activist, Michael DeLance Thomas today announced his endorsement of Barry Loudermilk for U.S. Congress.

“I had the pleasure of meeting Barry Loudermilk during a “Restore America” conference, where he gave a presentation on America’s founding principles. I’ve been teaching our founding principles for the past four years and found it refreshing to know that Mr. Loudermilk has in-depth knowledge and a fundamental understanding of our founding principles and documents. He is well-versed in the US Constitution and Declaration of Independence and strives to educate others of their importance. His dedication to building a better America warrants my support.“

“Michael is a patriot who shares a calling for reuniting Americans with our true heritage. He understands that the only way to return to prosperity is to restore our nation to the limited government, pro-liberty vision of our founders. I am honored to have Michael joining our team and standing with us in the fight to preserve freedom.”


Michael DeLance Thomas BIO

Michael believes that sharing your talents with others is your gift to the world, but sharing your knowledge is your obligation. He is the founder of Harry Tubman Consulting, an Atlanta-based company that focuses on educating others on America’s founding principles. Michael has been teaching the principles of the US Declaration of Independence and other topics for the past several years. His goals are to promote the Declaration’s principles as a way of improving the economy, our communities and country. He educates and writes on the concept of how liberty works, based on centralizing our nation under God, rather than under government.