Barry’s Statement on Voting Against Impeachment

“Impeaching the President of the United States is a legal tool, not a political weapon. Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats have made a mockery of the constitutional process of impeachment, ignored historical precedent, and have poured fuel onto an already raging fire, dividing America even more through this secod impeachment attempt. The American people are hurting. Our Capitol Police officers are hurting. We need those in Congress to understand these deep wounds, and who are committed to bringing us together, not tearing us further apart.

“The raiding of the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday, January 6, 2021, was an assault on our institutions of freedom, and we must ensure that this never ever happens again. And while the majority of people were there that day to peacefully attend a rally, there were also those who came to Washington, D.C. intent on causing chaos and destruction. We must bring those individuals to justice.

“This impeachment of Donald Trump, with only days left in his presidency, was rushed to the House floor without any hearings, without any testimony, and with law enforcement having barely begun to gather the evidence of what actually happened on January 6.

“The framers of our Constitution intended impeachment to be a powerful, but rarely used, tool to remove a president from office under dire circumstances. Speaker Pelosi’s using of this as a political weapon against her political opponents sets a dangerous precedent for the future of our republic.”

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Restoring civility in our politics…

Barry Loudermilk is a passionate representative of the people, who fights daily to ensure our children have a nation that is free, safe and full of opportunity. Barry believes that the best days for America are ahead of us, but only if we return to the basic values of hard work, honesty, individual liberty and respect for each other.

Getting government out of the way…

Barry believes that our government is one “of the people, by the people, and for the people” – not a people who serve the government. Our government was designed to be small in size, limited in scope, and its primary role is to protect the rights endowed to us by God.